Commission launches mobile website

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Commission launches mobile website

16 Dec 2011

The Charity Commission has today launched a mobile version of its website to provide information to the public and charities.

It holds the details of more than 180,000 registered charities which people can search to find out what a charity does and provides contact details so that people can look up a charity to check that it is genuine before making a donation.

Help for Heroes co-founder and chief executive, Bryn Parry welcomed the site and said: “This is a fantastic initiative that will certainly reassure supporters that their hard-earned money is going exactly where it should.”

Trustees will also be able to access summaries of the Commission’s guidance on issues such as fundraising and trading.

One of the reasons for developing the mobile site was that the number of people accessing the Commission’s website via a mobile phone has increased in the last year. In November 13,575 accessed the website on a mobile device which represents 2.5 per cent of the total number of visitors compared with 0.9 per cent of the total number of visitors last November.


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The Link Autumn 2011

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The Link Summer 2011

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This is our latest edition of the Link. We hope you enjoy reading it. If you would like to submit an article or event for publication, please email


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The Link Spring 2011

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There is our latest newsletter - we hope you enjoy reading it. 

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The Link Winter 2010

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Welcome to this quarter's VSSH newsletter Issue 23. We hope you find it of interest. If you would like to have an article or event advertised in future editions of The Link, please contact us on

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The Link Autumn 2010

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 Follow this link to our Summer edition

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The Link Spring 2010

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Archived copies of The Link Newsletter

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