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The object of the charity is to promote voluntary groups and organisations in the South East area, representing the voluntary services at local and county level. We also aim to promote and facilitate partnerships within the borough to achieve common aims and objectives.

Want to volunteer? We can help you find the perfect opportunity. We can help you with ideas on funding, best practice and guidelines. We provide other services such as a  directory of organisations and local community groups.


Volunteering in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire

If you want to volunteer or even if you are just thinking about it and want to know more, then we are here to help.

There’s lots to inform and inspire, so stay a while, have a look around and learn more about how volunteering changes lives!

Volunteering is a two way process. By donating your time and skills to an organisation you're providing them with a much needed service. However, there are lots of benefits to the volunteer as well.

Volunteering can be fun, it can be a way to make new friends and it can be a route to future employment. Voluntary work can form an important part of a Curriculum Vitae (CV), new skills can be learnt and valuable work experience can be gained. Volunteers working overseas also gain by learning about new cultures, travelling to exotic locations and providing vital support to developing projects.

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